This mostly women group is a safe, authentic, free, vulnerable place to share your honest feelings about female emotional identity, beauty, good eating, bad eating, working out, not working out, getting motivated, feeling unmotivated, ugly days, smokin’ hot days, feeling fat days, or feeling skinny days.

It’s called “UsFatGirls”. Not because we are fat – in fact this community has sizes 0-1000. UsFatGirls is a Mindset NOT a dress size!

UsFatGirls will talk about weight loss – but is not a weightloss program or site
UsFat Girls will talk about feelings and identity, but is not a replacement for counseling
UsFatGirls will talk about prayer and faith – but it’s not a Christian/Religious group
UsFatGirls will talk about exercise but it’s not a workout site
UsFatGirls is all of these things so that UsFatGirls can stay motivated and live healthy, balanced lives in community!

UsFatGirls is first and foremost a place to encourage each other to make what is inside as much as a priority as what they see in the mirror!

UsFatGirls is not selling a product, but rather a safe community to fall into when your last diet fad product purchase, which you bought out of desperation, fails you once again.

*UsFatGirls will often take topics from this page and use them for books, public speaking events, advertisements, etc. UsFatGirls will change user names to protect the privacy of individuals when transferring conversations to public view.
UsFatGirls is NOT a place for you to sell your stuff. If you post sales conversations and links to benefit you, your gym, your product, your service,etc., UsFatGirls will delete the post. Repeated “selling” and you will be removed from the page. This is not a community for you to solicit business.
UsFatGirls and/or Jenny Billman is not a doctor, nutritionist, or professional counselor.
Follow the advice at your own RISK! These are only opinions, They should not to be taken over the advice of your medical practitioner or professional counselor.