Capture a Dream in Your Heart

As most of you know I’m a Zumba instructor, but I also still teach dance and help with local area competitive dance teams. I want to tell you about one of the local high school teams that I worked with this summer.

They called me because they were struggling. If they were doing awesome, they wouldn’t have needed my help. I mean, I live in South Dakota – and it’s not so famous for producing cutting edge dance styles – ha!

The girls on this team are as sweet as can be, but they have had little dance or no dance training other than their participation with this group. They like dance, that’s why they tried out. But they have known for awhile they aren’t the best. No one wants to be on a losing team!

As a result of their hours of work with no reward last year, one by one the ladies quit and dropped off the team. How does anyone keep moving forward if you keep being defeated over and over again? By the end of the year there was only a handful of hold outs left participating. They were fractured and torn apart.

The participants on this team dance because they like it, not because they aspired to win anything. But then they called me – and I don’t do anything half-way!!!

Having judged their team try-outs at the end of last semester I saw two things that could make this team great: potential and heart. They were willing and they were very capable, but they just didn’t know it yet.

This year they started the new year knowing they would dance. I visited to convince them they could be great!

My first visit with the team this summer was for a basic technique camp tutorial. What I discovered at try-outs is they didn’t know the names of many basic moves. These are moves they will be judged on all year long. I spent much of the tutorial showing them how to break down steps and how to work up to doing the same step more advanced. I broke it down. They started moving. They started turning. They started jumping. And then it happened. They started HOPING! I saw many “aha” moments that day. I could see eyes start to sparkle when a willing girl captured in her heart, “we CAN do this”! “Maybe we’ll be good this year.”.

One by one, as they conquered something they didn’t know they could do, I saw hope show up. Hope is everything. No one wants to be on a sucky team. No one wants to be defeated over and over again. They needed someone to show them how to win. This was the day I became convinced they could win anything they set there mind to this year, and maybe even become State Champions?

I returned to this team 2 more times to teach their competition dances. I threw very difficult stuff at them very fast. They were overwhelmed, exhausted, sore, but hopeful. The spark that lit earlier was still ignited in this team. They were ready to do whatever it took. They would work hard, be sore, work together, show up for hours, and do the hard work.

Last Monday was their first contest of this competition season. They got FIRST in their division!!!!!! They still have many more contests between now state, but they CAN. These are South Dakota girls, many that have never danced – they are doing it. Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, they ARE winners. In my mind, they didn’t win last Monday. They won when they hoped, when they believed they could be great. Hope gives them the heart to fight hard knowing big things ARE possible!

This isn’t to share my skills- I was merely there to show the the “how” – to break it down into baby steps to do great things. I was totally honored to get to be present when the spark lit in their hearts. Stay tuned. I’ll let you know how they do! I can’t wait to find out?!

Do you have hope? Or are you feeling hopeless and defeated? Do you know you CAN? Even if history has demonstrated otherwise? Are you tired of being defeated? Do you have someone in your life coaching you? Someone that helps break down the goal to daily, tangible, conquerable tasks? Is there a spark burning in your heart for success? Hope is everything!

Seeing “aha” moments totally jazzes me. It motivates me to be my best too!

You Can!!!