Gluttony: The Vanishing Concept

Gluttony isn’t a word we use very often in America. But it’s the “official” word for overeating. In the bible it’s often paired with the word “drunkenness”. So, over drinking and over eating were often put together. (Proverbs 23: 20-21, Proverbs 28:7). This pairing makes complete sense to me (Jenny) – the recovering addict! Both are an issue with self-control. And both require (for me, Jenny) daily obedience and dependence on something greater than me.

But not only is the word gluttony avoided in the US, it’s spoken even less in many churches where pot lucks and pie events are like a competitive sport. Drunkenness is shamed while over eating is par for the course. This confuses me.

“In reality, there is a more seriousness at the root of gluttony. Over-stuffing ourselves with food or drinking until we get drunk (or wrapped in the arms of a misguided relationship) are all desperate attempts to silence the cries of a hungry soul.”

Topic idea and quote from Made to Crave chapter 13.

What are your thoughts about the word gluttony?