The Gym or Not the Gym?

The gym or not the gym? What are your thoughts?

What I like about a gym:

1)  If you pay money, you’re more likely to go out of feeling bad that you paid the money (not everyone does – you’d be amazed how many folks pay regularly and never show up)

2)  Social encouragement. If someone is meeting me there, or expecting me – I’m more likely to show up.

3)  Options! Rarely do I get as good as a workout at home alone as I do when I go to the gym.  They have multiple classes every day that show me new ways to work out new things I wasn’t working before. The change up is refreshing, motivating, and the change up I need to prevent boredom.

4)  Weather doesn’t hinder my workout schedule.

Yes, there are many people needing at-home privacy when they start, so don’t feel pressured by me. And in full disclosure, I work for several local gyms as a group fitness instructor. I like it there – it encourages me. But if you are debating going – I wanted you to know why I go. But even with gym memberships I still hike and bike outdoors every chance I get.

If you are considering spending money on a gym membership, please take into consideration:

Most gyms have a free trial period. I would encourage you to visit multiple gyms for free to see which one might be a best fit. Each gym has it’s own personality. Each gym has it’s own rates. Each gym has different facilities and classes available. No gym is exactly the same, so investigate until you find a place you can’t wait to get to.

Some gyms charge per visit, or you can sign up for specific classes. Other have an all access month-to-month system, or 6-12 month commitments. Please investigate first before signing long-term commitments.

I would also like to encourage you to try again. If you have had a bad gym experience (I won’t even begin to tell you locker room horror stories, ha!), visit a different class or a different gym!

Whether at home, outside, or a gym. Whether it’s alone, or with a friend, or in a class, get moving! Find what you love and you will do because you like it! Try, you might be surprised what you end up liking! Go for it!