Keep Moving

It’s much easier to keep something than to get it back. ~said by a 72 year old woman I met on the 10K Volksmarch up Crazyhorse in 2011.

Check point below Crazy Horse during Volksmarch.

Isn’t the above statement so true? Whether it’s keeping the house clean and in repair, or the car, or our bodies, or a relationship – it is much easier to work on it ‘as you go’ rather than overhaul when something stops working.

I met this inspirational 72-year-old in line at the porta-potties at the 3rd check point climbing Crazy Horse. Amazing people are always found in the most unique places! They are out “doing”, rather than waiting or wishing. She was spending her birthday climbing a 10K. She spent her 71st birthday summiting Pikes Peak.

I asked her, what we all struggle with: “How do you stay motivated?”

Her response was, “I never stopped moving. Now, most of my friends are immobile, or having surgeries, or joints that have locked up. It’s much easier to keep something than it is to get it back after it’s gone.”

Having gotten fat, lost the weight, gotten fat, lost the weight – I completely agree. I have now been in “maintaining” mode for several years. It is so much easier to just “keep moving” than start and stop over and over. That’s the madness of yo-yoing! It’s twice as hard to have to overhaul my body than merely keep it in shape.

It reminded me of the phrase from the Disney Movie, Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” The fish character was distraught, didn’t even know if he was headed in the right direction – but he kept going, kept moving, kept “swimming”.

What my new 72-year-old friend demonstrated was a life-style, not a diet cycle. She lived moving. She inspired me. I hope I’m that capable in thirty years!

I hope I’m out busy living still, rather than merely surviving, when I’m 72.

Are you stuck in a yo-yo cycle? Do you go through phases of caring and not caring and then have to fight to get something accomplished?

Are you out exploring and living, or merely going through the motions?

Have you stopped moving? Stopped caring? Do you have the fight in you to “get it back”?

What inspires you to move?