Special Inspiration

This was a very fun and unique Zumba class I got to instruct last week with high schoolers (mainstream as well as special needs). But 2 things have really stuck with me following this class (which I now categorize in my top 3 Zumba moments):

1) I got to do it with people that I adore and support me. Getting to do what I love to impact others is great – but doing it with others that I care about motivates me so much more!

2) The special needs kids in this photo impacted me in a MAJOR way! As they came into class to dance they didn’t hold back! They didn’t have the same outer expressions of “I’m too cool for that”, or “I’ll look like a fool so I can’t”. They were FREE! They danced without holding back. They danced with passion and heart that I rarely get to see expressed! These students, bound to a wheelchair or a mind or a body that causes huge hurdles just to manage daily life, danced with more abandon and freedom than most able-minded and able-bodied individuals. They motivate me to remove excuses and go for it. Why am I holding back? ♥