No Fried November! Take the Challenge!

The November Challenge is happening now!  Join the Challenge with us!


1)  Visit the UsFatGirls Facebook community and post saying, “I’m In” on the sign up on the page, and list what fried food you will miss the most.  (fried rice, chips, egg rolls, drive-thru, etc)

2)  Abstain from fried food for the month of November.  If you struggle, visit the Facebook UsFatgirls community, share, whine, moan, cry, or offer support to someone else struggling.

3)  If you blow it – it’s not over – if you sign up for the challenge and attempt to live that out yet have a moment of weakness, pick yourself back up and keep going.  You start again the very next moment and keep trying and working through it for the rest of the month.   Having a blow it moment doesn’t get you out of the challenge – that IS part of the challenge!

Are you in?  Join the challenge!  You CAN do it!  Try!  Baby Steps!  One day at a time!  Progress NOT perfection!

Thanks, fellow UsFatGirl, Cachelle, for this awesome challenge idea!