But I’ll Smell if I Sweat Without Deodorant!

Tip of the Day:   

Keep a bag with workout clothes and deodorant in your car.    ~Jenny Billman

Every one of us has used this excuse:  “I didn’t have time to run home and get change, and then when I did I got busy at home.”  Another day, another workout down the tubes.  Really?  I’ve done it too!

Putting a set of workout clothes in the car keeps you proactive and prepared.  If they are with you, you are ready to workout anywhere, and no excuses. Sometimes if I go home and “settle in”, I don’t make it back out to moving.  Having workout clothes ready is another way to remove an excuse I might give myself to back out.

I keep hiking shoes, fishing poles, and a prospecting kit (gold panning) in my car.  It never fails we are out and about and spot a cool trail or stream.  Having supplies gives me one more reason to stop the car and get out and move!

Having your workout items ready isn’t about putting yourself through a tortuous regimen.  It’s a mindset.  It’s a life-style of being ready for whatever adventure might be around the corner.  It’s being open and willing to pull off the high-heels, put down the brief case, put down the cheeseburger, unplug the phone, and go see what is out there.

Go get ready.  There’s exploring to do and new things to try.  Grab your bag – let’s go!