Motivation at the DMV! Totally Unexpected!

I went to update my driver’s license and something unexpected occurred.

We moved recently and I was required to change my address on my license. But a fun surprise happened as I sat and chatted with the DMV lady.  I have lost enough weight they required I change the “weight” section of my license as well as snap a new photo since  I look too different from my last photo!

Motivation arrives in some of the most unexpected places!

Honestly, they might be required to snap a new photo for every address change, but I’m still going to take what the nice lady said instead!   She said it was because of the weight I had lost!  Yay!  I must be making progress!  All that work is producing results!  Woot!  That pumps me up!

When surprises like the “need for a new photo” happen, I’m even more motivated!  It never makes me think, “Yay, I’ve made progress, I can stop now”.  Instead it makes me want to go run.  I feel like, “I’m taking good care of me on the inside and out and it’s making a difference, let’s go, let’s go, let’s GOOOOOO!”

Her words were amazing and a fun surprise for some extra motivation, but I can’t depend on some external factor to motivate me each day.  Even when these moments are appreciated, I can’t rely on them.

External motivation, although is appreciated, is short lived and won’t last for the length of time that I need for sustainable healthy living.

I have to choose each day to make good choices, I can’t wait for someone else to come along and make it happen for me.

I alone am accountable for how I treat myself.

As you treat yourself healthy, inside and out, progress will happen.  Maybe, just maybe, others might notice too.  But even if they don’t, still be healthy.

How about you?  What motivates you?

Has someone complimented you and made your day?

Are you waiting for someone else to drag you along?

You can do it!

You don’t have to wait for permission or someone else to do it for you.  Get moving!  Today is the day!