Why Does Food Get all the Attention? #UsFatGirls

Do you live to eat or eat or live?     ~Erin Goden-Smith

I have friends and family members who schedule every event centered on food. If they want to see someone – it involves food. If there is a holiday the menu is the center of everything. The “goodies” become the theme.

And then there are the food holidays:

  • Thanksgiving =binging on a feast and pie
  • Christmas = Christmas parties, Christmas cookies, and eggnog.
  • New Years = Fancy party food and binge drinking
  • And just when you think you’ve made a New Years Resolution, here comes Valentine’s Day with chocolate Valentine’s
  • And if you’ve resisted until now, Easter arrives with all of it’s egg hunt candies!

Do we have the ability to celebrate anything anymore in a way that doesn’t involve consuming calories?  Sheesh!!!   Seriously, you WILL survive if you don’t have Aunt Martha’s sweet potato casserole this year!

I now have multiple friends that, I can honestly say, our friendships are NOT centered around food. It’s centered on authentic chats, tears together, walks, hikes, serving in our community, service projects, Zumba, geocaching, fun, fun, fun, and “doing things” that don’t involve food at all. I’m thankful (and so is my body and budget) that food has become “necessary” but not the center feature to everything we do!

I still have those friends that, if we get together, I know it will be around food, but that’s no longer the majority of those I hang out with!

I also have friends and family who behave like FOOD=LOVE – they honestly have the inability to separate the two Rejecting the food is like someone is rejecting them.

Is food necessary fuel or something else?  Is it comfort? Is it entertainment?

Is it how you give and receive love?

How is your budget and waist-line impacted by the people you spend time with?  Are you or they sabotaging your goals?

Do you know how to spend time with people without food being the center of your time together?

Can you begin new Holiday Traditions where relationships, events, healthy living are the legacy?