Healthy Living Holiday Party Tip #7

Just because it is beautiful, smells delish, and is decadent – doesn’t mean you have to eat it.  Snap a photo instead!

Holiday parties are often planned to have the most ooey-goeey, savory, dripping food items.  I have found a new way to honor the chef and keep to my plan.  Every party has that person, you know them, the one who shows love with some amazing kitchen creation full of dripping butter, chocolate, or gravy!  It smells amazing, looks amazing, and tempts me.  I call this “food porn”!  Food porn are those items that try to lure me into temptation trying to lead me away from my goals.  When I see and smell alluring foods, with a proud maker – I make a big deal and snap a photo of their food creation.  I celebrate the item with them but I do not eat it (when I am able to resist).  I’ve discovered appreciating what they made for the event by taking a photo doesn’t hurt their feelings by the fact that I’m not eating it.  It also helps me resist the overwhelming smell.