Healthy Living Holiday Party Tip #10 #UsFatGirls

Remove eating and drinking as the center of each gathering.  Start a new tradition.  Celebrate in new ways.

This has been a process for my family and friends to accept, but now we love it and wouldn’t trade the new memories to ever go back to “food celebrating”.  We do 5Ks on Holidays or serve at our local Mission.  Most areas have non-profits that need help.  Go find out!

Serve together rather than gorge together.

Nursing home residents need a friendly face, animal shelters need dogs and cages washed, deployed soldier families need car repair, food shelters need cooks and servers, home building projects need willing builders and painters, children’s hospitals need crayons and bubbles delivered.  The list of needs and opportunities are endless if you just look.

After jogging a 5K as a family then serving food to homeless children – a feast becomes less desirable!