You Can’t Look Backwards and Forward at the Same Time! #UsFatGirls

If you are only looking at what is in the past, it might be time to turn around and move forward!

I post this after meeting a guy this week working in a tourist shop here locally who was on American Idol 5 years ago. He made the top 20 on the show. I’m sure it was life-impacting. I’m sure it was an incredible experience. But life has moved on, the show has moved on (having 100 more Top 20 participants since he was on the show). He’s kind of stuck.  He’s defining his current life identity off of something significant that happened in the past.   It’s as if he is reliving that moment every day with every new person her meets. I don’t think he knows how to introduce himself without that past moment being at the forefront of all he does. If he could freeze frame those circumstances and dwell there he would – he’s living in such a way he IS trying to now! I know this because he introduced himself to everyone that walked through the door as formerly being on the show within 2 minutes of entering the store.  He would serenade shoppers (sang “Sitting at the Dock of the Bay” for me) and showing posters of himself with the cast and judges.  He is booking wedding reception singing gigs by soliciting the shoppers.

If something “big” in the past defined you in that moment (whether positive or negative), maybe it’s time to look at right NOW and what is ahead. Now is good! Now can mean a new start. You have a current and future purpose that is valuable, that is worth living for, and being present for.

If I hear, “if you had known me then,”, or “they did this to me”, or “if I was only like I used to be” by another beautiful woman I’m gonna scream!

Your past doesn’t have to define your future. It’s highly valuable: the good, the bad, the ugly, the hurts, the victories, the successes, the failures. Past experiences have woven the fabric of all the beautiful-ness that you ARE, but that significant moment doesn’t have to define today or designate your future. Whew! Aren’t you thankful for a new start every day? I sure am!

I know the UsFatGirls community is about exercising, identity, beauty, weight loss and all our “woman” struggles, but this topic of “defining your life by what happened in the past” is a topic I crash into abruptly with women at church and at the gym constantly!  Most women are comparing themselves to their 18 year old body, some former success or failure: shoulda, woulda coulda!  Argh!

You can’t drive a car forward to reach your destination while only looking in the rear-view mirror!

Are you stuck looking backward to define who you are?

Are you physically or emotionally stuck from a past hurt that has planted bitterness so deep you can’t move forward?

Are you looking backwards to a past success that you are comparing every event and every person to?

Is a former dress size or number on the scale defeating your progress now?

Can you wake up to ‘now’ and be great now?

Don’t miss out on today!  You’re not finished yet!   Get unstuck!  Go do business with your past.  Let go.  Forgive.  Cut ties if they are still hurting you.  Release.  Un-hitch anything that has you stuck!

Get up!  Wake up!  Start living!  Who you are this very moment is worth fighting for!  You are beautiful and I’m sorry if someone or circumstances has convinced you otherwise! ❤