Fat, Embarrassed, and Hiding. #UsFatGirls

I’m having mixed feelings today.  One of the gyms I work for just started a new program.  It’s for extremely overweight women, or those with some sort of markings or deformities.   The bottom line for this particular group of women is that do not want to be seen in the gym, are too embarrassed to be in the gym, or have never tried a gym and are afraid to be seen in public.  They meet at odd hours, when the gym is most empty, and often before the sun comes up.

I’m heartbroken for these women. I get it.  I know the shame and feelings of getting yourself to a point of embarrassment.  But the “cover of darkness” doesn’t make me feel any better in loving and supporting these ladies.  How have we gotten to this?  How have we destroyed women to the point of where they are hiding? Isolating.  Alone.  Embarrassed.  Ashamed.

I want to scream, “Don’t you know how beautiful you are?”  “Don’t you know you were created to be a prized gem?” – and not because of your pant size or hair color.  You are not a mistake.  You are prized and valuable and to be adored.  This sneaking in the dark hiding because of their shame makes me sad.

Please know I am very proud of them.  They are doing something about how they feel.  I’m proud of them for stopping the madness and finding a way to get to the gym one way or another, until they feel able to be seen in public.

And honestly, I’m no different.  I treat myself poorly.  I let things go too far and then have to do a complete overhaul of that part of my life.   I might go in public, but I still feel the same inadequacies.  I get it, and it steams me!

I just wish we, as women, would stop being caddy, snotty, or taking sniper shots at each other.  I wish there was freedom to say what needs said when we see a dear friend imploding.

A woman IS beautiful!  She’s made that way.  Even when we mess that up, the beauty is still there, given by our Creator.  I just wish we were able to see it in ourselves and willing to acknowledge it in others.

If you are hiding, if you are feeling shame, you are not alone.  There is help.  There are places – just like my gym.  I’ll meet you there, even if it’s still dark out, so that someday soon you don’t have to hide anymore!