I Won’t Look at Your Butt, I Promise! #UsFatGirls

Hey beautiful UsFatGirls, I need to clearly declare: I am not judging you!!!

I will not judge where you are emotionally on this journey, or what your dress size is, was, will be, or has been.

I am probably the last person on the planet to ever claim I’m perfect enough to judge anyone!!! I say this because I have people afraid to meet with me sometimes! They say things like, “i haven’t seen jenny in awhile, she’s going to see I gained weight, or lost weight, or am eating bad, or haven’t exercised, or keep beating myself up.”

I don’t care!!!  Wait, no, it’s not that I don’t care – I want you to treat you your best, but I also get the emotional reality of struggling. And I never want your fear of my opinion to exclude you in any way from me or the UsFatGirls community!  I am NOT the expert, but rather just like you, I suspect.

Just because I now live in the workout world does not mean the first thing I look at is the most recent size of your butt!!! LOL!

I’m here because I need to be, and I want to, and I love you, and I’m not done yet.  This is a journey and each of us have to do it our own way. And I know personally that when someone judges, or adds pressure or expectations, it often causes defeat rather than progress.

So hear me! Be free! I love you! You Are beautiful. Motivation has a way of showing up unexpectedly and always at the right time, so I’m gonna do my own work, and encourage you in your life.  My hope is that together we can live healthy, balanced, God-fearing, woman-encouraging lives!

Please keep coming back cus I need ya’ll here too!
♥ #allwomenarebeautiful