Doh!!! How Did THAT Get on My Plate & In My Mouth? Noooooo!!!! #UsFatGirls

Doh! Smacking my head!

I totally blew “No Fried November” last night and didn’t even realize it until my shower today! Oh man!  (The UsFatGirls community is currently doing a challenge called “No Fried November” – see the “Challenges” tab at the top if you would like to participate).

I sprinkled French’s Fried Onions on my salad last night. Yep, I put FRIED FOOD ON MY SALAD!!!! They are tasty and something I do regularly to jazz up a bland salad.  It’s such a “routine” I didn’t even think about it as “fried”!!!!   It tasted good and made me happy – until I totally had an aha moment this morning!  It even says “fried” right on the very front IN the name! Argh!

And I made this snack when I was craving Doritos. I was making a better choice so I wouldn’t eat chips. I guess I was really craving fried grease and didn’t know it and still found a way to consume it!


Have you noticed fried things and/or sugar end up in just about everything? Sheesh!

Today is a new day, thank goodness! Kicking myself a little for not being “alert” to what I was eating. But giggling a little too! 😉

How are you doing with “No Fried Food November”?

It’s not too late if you want to join us in the No Fried Food November Challenge.  Find us on Facebook and join the conversation!