Are Those Real? #UsFatGirls

“Just FYI folks: When you see “Before and After” shots of some diet products or exercise equipment, there are a lot of faked shots. When I did commercial work in KC, I was asked to audition for an “after” pic. They already had the “before” model and were trying to find the “after” model. I had never even heard of the product they were selling. It’s perfectly legal as long as they don’t Photoshop someone’s head onto someone else’s body. (Hence no heads in any of the pics.) If it’s just an over-the-counter product, it falls under the “Let the buyer beware” philosophy. I’m not saying ALL pics are faked. But if you don’t see their face in the shot, HUGE red flag alert. Don’t believe what you see all the time. It’s pretty standard in the weight loss ad industry.”

~Carolyn Sue Godwin Lang

What do you think?  Does this make you irate?  Where do you stand on the use of Photoshop to make impossibly “perfect” images to sell a product to someone feeling desperate?

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