Pounds DO NOT Equal Protection! #UsFatGirls

Extra weight doesn’t protect us from being hurt.

It does not serve as good physical or emotional protection from those that might harm us. It fails to protect us, and we still get hurt.  In fact, it often makes us feel bad too, so we end up being hurt from others on the outside and hurt from us on the inside when we put on the pounds.

Maybe it’s time to learn to do something new or different when hurt shows up?

Is what you are doing now working for you?

Yes, I agree, it is scary to let go of the pounds if they have been your only protection.  It’s a giant step, full of fear, and leaves you potentially vulnerable.

I’m so sorry you’ve been hurt.  I’m so sorry the pounds have been your only solace.  Maybe it’s time to start to heal?  Healing inside might change the outside?

(if ya’ll only knew how many times a month I’m having this conversation with wounded people!). I wanted to share it with you too! ♥