I Lost Weight During Thanksgiving!!! How is that even possible? #Us Fat Girls

I’m so excited today!

I made it to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and after it’s all said and done – I LOST one pound!!!

Woot! Goodness!!!

Who would’ve thought it was possible to lose weight the week of Thanksgiving?

Thank you so much for working out with me, encouraging me, and inspiring me with your daily participation in this group!

My life is so different than 4 years ago when I started this journey!   My 2 favorite results as I reflect on the last 4 years are:

1)  The relationships I have gained (with ya’ll).

2)  No more self-loathing!

I started this journey weighing 210 pounds.  This morning I weighed 138! (It didn’t matter if I weighed 1000 pounds, I was down and out emotionally – and it doesn’t matter now if I weigh 130 or 170 – I’m ok with me) .

Thanks for doing this journey with me!

I must also mention I had some of the most fun ever with the Thanksgiving workouts!!! (Below is a photo of me and other friends doing a Zumba event in our local down town square the night before Thanksgiving.)

I’m so glad I didn’t bug out.  I almost bailed doing the Thanksgiving Day 5K that I had planned to do with two family members.  They opted out once they saw the weather report and I almost cancelled too.  But I posted an SOS call for someone to meet me via the Facebook page and several of you agreed to meet me!  (see photo of me with 3 UsFatGirls that met me to run the 5K).  Woot!  Now, after the fact, I’m sooooo glad I still went, even when everyone else bailed.  And I’m sooooo thankful for fellow UsFatgirls who kept me on track when I started to slack!  I need ya’ll!

Thanks for celebrating with me today!