I Don’t Want to Feel ‘Needy’! #Us Fat Girls

Do you feel weak for needing others?

“Do you realize even Olympic athletes, the best of the best, still need help? They all have coaches! That’s how they become their best.

People that are successful listen to those around them that can see what they can’t see about themselves. That’s how they get better.

Do you think the Olympic athlete’s coach can do what they do? No! But they can motivate, bring out their best, and push them beyond what they could do by themselves.”

~Jaime Puente

Do you have goals? Do you want to be great? Do you have someone that speaks into your life to make you great?  Are you trying to reach that goal by yourself? Do you believe leaning on others makes you weak, or bothersome?

The BEST lean on others!

Do you need to open your heart to hearing from someone that might just push you to greatness? Have you stopped listening?  Why do we think we have to be strong alone?

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