Oh, Just Forget It! #Us Fat Girls

We all have that moment, right?  That moment when all that matters no longer matters.  That moment when we throw caution to the wind.  Maybe it’s love that is leading us astray or exhaustion that cancels our planned schedule.

But do you ever do this with food too?  You are on a healthy plan, working out, watching food intake, but then that moment happens.  “Just forget it, I’m having fried everything with sugar on top!”

When are you more likely to binge, give up, blow it, splurge?  Is there a pattern?  Time of month?  When heavy emotional circumstances lurk?  Boredom?  When you are alone?

Throwing caution to the wind is a conscious decision.  It’s typically the result of a much needed break from undue pressure or expectations.  Ease up.  You’re gonna be OK.  And if you feel like you blew it, maybe your expectations are piling up and you needed an escape?

Rather than merely looking at the bad food, look at what is going on and see why an escape was needed.  Food isn’t gonna change the circumstances.  Hang in there.