“Sit Your Fat Ass Down”. Yep, That’s What He Said! #Us Fat Girls

“Sit your fat ass down!”

Those were the words that ruined her night!  And why she was here telling me about it with deep feelings still days after.

One of my sweet friends, Michelle, was at a concert recently of one of her all-time favorite bands.  She was so excited.  It was a girls night.  Good music with good friends.  And then it started – her favorite song.  She even knows every word.  It was fun, she was excited and feeling happy and free.  She was up dancing and singing at the concert, until the mean guy decided to interject.  He claimed he couldn’t see at the concert because she was up on her feet.

Let me explain for a minute logistically this venue.  She was DOWN in front and the stage is up very high.  No one can “block” someone else’s view per se just from the sheer location and height of the stage.  This guy was just mean and being a jerk at the concert.

She was enjoying her night, the band, the fun.  And then he escalated it.  He yelled, “Sit your FAT ASS down!”

As she was telling me this whole story my own inner girly feelings could feel the crushing blow.   Once he uttered those words at the concert, she sat down.  The fun and freedom was over.  He had judged her harshly.  She didn’t sit because he had yelled her into doing so, but because his words crushed her spirit and sucked out all of the enjoyment.  Words hurt.  With the concert and music swirling around her, she sat in her seat and called her brother.  She called a man she knew would encourage and support her.  She was done for the night.

And like any good friends, hearing the man yell this at Michelle, they went to have a “talk” with the guy.  But rather appeal to “Mr. Rude”, they had a chat with his wife.  Both the husband and wife left immediately.  A woman knows what those words do.

I have to also mention, my friend is BEAUTIFUL!  Tall, healthy, trim, fit – works out with me every week, even when she’s tired.  Eats right.  I’m still stunned myself.  I’m irked that he would call any woman “fat” but to call her fat?

My friend talked about old wounds that still remain, that are buried deep and surfaced so unexpectedly by this stranger’s harsh words.    He was a total jerk.  Those wounds gave him power to ruin her night.  Words can and do hurt.

This is when prayer is huge for me and for others. When hurt lingers or new hurt arise from circumstance.

The following passage from the bible is the only thing that kept ringing in my ears to the deep hurts that were still lingering:

“He heals those who have broken hearts.
He takes care of their wounds.”  Psalm 147:3

Do you have lingering wounds that hit the core of your identity, beauty, emotions, woman-hood?  Do the words and actions of others have power over your emotions?  Do you have those friends – the ones that defend, care, and support you through it all?

Praying for you, and for my friend, and maybe for the jerk too!