I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!!! #Us Fat Girls

I must be the clumsiest dancer in America!  I fall ALL THE TIME!  True Story!

As I was instructing a group fitness (Zumba) class this week a person on the back row fell to the floor.  As an instructor, safety is THE #1 priority!  All of my safety training kicked in as I rushed to the back of the room.  I was checking breathing, facial response for possible stroke, heart rate/pulse- all as she started giggling on the floor in embarrassment for tripping over the edge of her shoe.  After checking knees and ankles I giggled with her and explained, “It’s usually me – I’m the one that falls ALL THE TIME!.”  She kind of squinted at me oddly, then we returned to sweating!

After class, some of the other attendees went to check on her in such a way as to not make her feel more embarrassed.  Then one of them pointed at me with a full-arm point and very loudly said, “It’s normally you that falls, right in front of everybody.  And you totally wipe out, too!”

It’s true.  I fall instructing my own class, often.  And throw up sometimes if I eat bad prior, or at the wrong time, or over do it in my excitement – WHILE teaching a class.

I guess once you are ‘in front’ you are supposed to be perfect or the expert now.  Ha!  Well, I am far from it and if you are in my class for any period of time you’ll figure it out really fast!   But when I fall, I get back up.  And then I go back to the gym the next time knowing it might happen again – but I still go, and lead, and fall, get back up, and do it all over again.  But at least I’m ‘out there.’  I’d rather be with people, doing what I love, living to the fullest, trying new things and landing flat on my face than hiding, retreating, & missing out.  So yes, I fall – over and over again – that’s part of living.  Getting up isn’t very hard any more.  When I get knocked down, I don’t stay there – because there’s still too much to do.

(Is the Chumbawumba song ringing in your head yet?  “I get knocked down, but I get up again, the world is never gonna keep me down.  I get knocked down . . . .” – tehee)

I want those who attend my events to know I’m not perfect and that I fall (often).  I hope they know they don’t have to be perfect either.  They can fall!  We can help each other get back up and keep moving.

Have you gotten down?  Have you fallen?  Emotionally?  Physically?  By life?

Here, take my hand.  I know what it’s like to fall.  Please get back up.  You are worth fighting for.  There is life that is missing you and that you are missing.

Your latest “fall’ that knocked you down, may have hurt for a bit, bruised you up, or caused great injury.  I understand, and I’m so sorry!

Don’t get stuck.  Please get moving again.  Try.  Breathe.  Pray.  Reach your hand to someone that can help you up.  Heal up, recover, live again.  Yes, you might fall again!

Don’t let the world miss out on you!