Know Your Limits! #Us Fat Girls

In the last month I have seen with my own eyes and responded to 4 women suffering, lying down, or falling in a group fitness class I was either leading or attending.

One woman was dehydrated or fighting a bug and got over heated and threw up.  Another tripped on her own shoe.  One is diabetic and was shaky, weak, and feeling like she was going to pass out. And one’s heart rate got so high she couldn’t catch her breath, felt irregular heart beats, and was quite shaken up by feeling her heart react so dramatically.

Please keep safe!  Do not let the desperation to prove yourself or to get thin harm you!  Listen to your body.  Eat right and treat yourself good!

I am in no way blaming any of the women who fell.  There are multitudes of reasons people wipe out in class (I wipe out too), but seeing so many recently was a huge safety reminder to me that I want to pass along to you.

How many times have you heard this (or is this you)?:

  • “I started working out but then my knees started killing me.”
  • “I started working out but it was too much for my lower back.”
  • “I started working out but my legs or feet would cramp at night and I kept losing sleep.”

There are reasons for all of these:  wrong shoes, wrong floor, not enough water or potassium, injury-inducing movement, lack of flexibility, etc. – but most of the time it’s doing too much too soon without the muscle or conditioning yet to support the new gung-ho schedule.  Instructors will try to push the most advanced people in a class beyond their limist.  They want you to sweat.  They want you to feel like your time and effort at the gym was well worth coming.  If you are new, please modify.  No one thinks less of you for doing less than someone who has been attending for four years!  I hope you are using trainers and instructors that are encouraging you and showing you how to modify movements to match your current level.

Fitness takes time to develop. 

It’s a transformation process inside and out from every artery and vein to every muscle and fat cell.  Food, sleep, liquid intake (what kind and how much), allergies, illness, stress all all factors that determine how far you can go on any given day.  Never compare yourself to others – you don’t know what they have eaten or had to drink today to support their movement, or if they are ill or have been working out forever.  You do your thing based on your goals.  And please take each day as a new day, what you did last week or last year may or may not be relevant to where you are today.   Listen to your body.

Do you know your limits?  Do you push hard but not into the danger zone?  Do you know the difference?

If you get injured you won’t be able to do anything at all – so be safe so you can keep going and get strong! Too much too soon may cause your body to react negatively.

Yes, push further than you ever thought possible, but not to the point of harm!  Something being hard as opposed to something that is hurting are 2 very different things!

Please know your limits and take good care of you!