Are You Hungry? #Us Fat Girls

Is this a phrase you ever use?

Do you know when you’re hungry or full? It’s a hard thing to figure out!

I love that the HUNGER SCALE includes the emotions accompanied with each hunger. (The following Hunger Scale adapted from Prevention Magazine’s “Hunger Scale” 2011)

Starving: An empty feeling that might be accompanied by light-headedness or jitters. Emotional feelings: Anxious, ravenous, impatient, justified. Least likely to make good food choices.

Hungry: Next meal is on your mind. If you don’t eat in the next hour you will enter the “starving” range. Emotional feelings: distracted, self-talking about what to eat. Debating whether to make healthy or unhealthy food choices.

Moderately Hungry: Your stomach may be growling, and you’re planning how you’ll put an end to the nagging feeling. Optimal Eating time for metabolism boost! Emotions: Able, controlled, taking good care of self – best time to not experience emotional or binge eating.

Satisfied: Not full, but not hungry either. Comfortable and can wait to nosh. Not thinking about food or emotions with food. Feel able, alert, no destructive thoughts, awake, mindful. (Careful not to eat during this time due to boredom or emotions)

Full: You might still be eating more out of flavor, need, emotion, or momentum (fast eating), rather than actual continued hunger. Your belly feels slightly bloated and the food doesn’t taste as good as it did in the first few bites. Emotionally numb – too into eating, or conversation, or emotions, TV/Computer activity to feel anything, and might keep stuffing.

Stuffed: Feel physically uncomfortable, potentially mild heartburn. Emotions: regret, low self esteem, sadness, failure.

If you are not feeding your bodies’ need, what emotion are you feeding instead?

Are you hungry?  Thirsty?  Bored?  Stuck on an insulin roller coaster causing sugar cravings?

Looking at the HUNGER SCALE when do you usually eat?  Is that impacting you negatively?  Positively?