They Said She Couldn’t, But She Proved Them Wrong! #Us Fat Girls

All we could do was stand in silent awe and cry with she and her mom!

It was a typical Zumba night, like any other, except for the last 3 minutes of class where magic happened. 

Bethany was dancing.  She did it.

Let me rewind and get you caught up.  Bethany, a Zumba friend, has been through quite a journey to get to this very moment.  We were honored to get to share it with her.

Here’s what happened in Bethany’s own words:

“On April 30th, 2011 I woke up at a friends house up with a weird gut feeling, but decided to get into my car drive home. I needed to get home to get ready for my dance recital that afternoon.

It was about 6:00 am when I saw a car drift into my lane. My mind froze I couldn’t think.  All I could tell myself was to hold on and everything would be OK. I  braced myself for what ended up being a head-on collision. They had a big car and I was in my VW bug.

At the time I thought it would be a bump and then we would go our separate ways. I learned quickly that I was wrong. My knees went forward into the dash, the air bags were deployed, and my car was pushed into the other lane of traffic coming from the other direction. Thank goodness no one was coming from that direction.

A police officer and an ambulance driver showed up shortly and made sure both of us were fine.  My legs were severely bruised and bleeding. I refused ER service because the EMTs told me that nothing was broken.

I got a ride home, took a shower, and took some medicine right away as my head was pounding.  I could hardly walk and when I got out of the shower I realized that my neck was cut from the air bag being deployed. I did finally go to the doctor and they put me on crutches.  I was hurt.  Dancing was my thing, now I was on crutches and in pain.

My car was severely damaged.  It is amazing I walked (limped) away from the wreckage.  I was devastated.  That car was extremely personal to me.  Then I found out the driver of the other vehicle did not have insurance. (see photo of Bethany and her Yellow VW Bug).

Here it was finals week of my senior year.  I was hurt physically.  This was a financial mess.  I lost my beloved car, my grades were slipping under the stress, and I missed my senior recital to dance my final dance solo.  I didn’t think it could get any worse.

I passed my finals and realized I was stronger than I thought. God will never give you anything you can’t handle. I’m a firm believer of that.

After months of medical issues, I finally had knee surgery to repair the damage from the accident.  The doctors told me my knees would never be the same and I would never be able to dance the same again.  That wasn’t going to work!  I disagreed with the doctors.  I was determined.  I was stubborn and 3 weeks after surgery I was moving around and dancing. I was glad to finally be free of knee pain and be able to dance without a knee brace.

I started Zumba and told Jenny (my Zumba instructor) my story and how I never performed my solo and it broke my heart to this day anytime I would hear the song.  I was driving home to get ready to perform this dance when the accident happened.  Jenny insisted I perform it.    I had to dance it!  So after a year of pain, graduation, surgery, and fighting back – here, in this room of supportive women, I got to dance the dance.  My mother came to watch the dance solo she never got to see me perform. It was a time of emotion, restoration, and much crying.  What a journey it has been to fight back after all that was lost on the day of the accident.”

So here we were with Bethany, sharing in the dance – a moment of total victory.  This moment represented all she had done to fight back and to overcome the circumstances and obstacles that derailed her.  She was strong, she was dancing, it was beautiful.  There was a quiet hush (in a room full of crazy Zumba ladies), a room full of tears, it was God-given – it was magical.

Since her surgery, recovery, and the ‘dance’ – Bethany has become a certified Zumba instructor too.  You know, that girl the doctor’s told she’d never be able to dance the same again. Yep, she’s strong and she’s doing it!

And in Bethany’s own words:

“The accident changed my life and I will always have a scar on my knee reminding me of that day, but I see it as a reminder of how strong I really am. I’m so thankful for my friends, family, and especially my mom who wouldn’t let me give up. I look back now and thank God for having angels watching over me that day and letting me do what I was born to do…..DANCE!”