Sports Bra, Schmortz Bra! #Us Fat Girls

Ok, I must confess, I am no expert when it comes to taking care of the “girls”.  My 34Bs do not require much maintenance – especially after nursing 2 kids.  But I know this is a REAL issue for many.

I honestly don’t know if I could talk myself into working out if I knew it might be painful.  For some of you, I know it can really hurt!  Yikes.

We had a conversation recently in the Facebook Group on this topic.  The following is the conversation and suggestions made by those more adequately equipped to speak on this topic.  *wink*.


Can some of ya’ll help? I continue to get bra questions and feel ‘ill equipped’, if you will, to speak wisely on this manner. For those of you that have fought to find adequate support for the ‘girls’, can you share your pointers for the best supplies, brands, styles, price, etc? The most common question I get is about finding enough support for intense workouts, pain from movement while dancing/jogging/stair-master, as well as shoulder pain from straps digging in.

SD Says:  “I like the champion sports bras from target. And, for normal bras…modern movement. I get mine at Dillard’s. they’re expensive but so worth it. If the girls ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

SA Says:  “I can for sure chime in on this topic!! Over the years I have finally found a bra for those of us that have been blessed in the “girls” area. There is bra that I found when I started running that gave me the most support that I have ever found. This was years ago and I continue to purchase this same bra and I still run and do crossfit and this bra makes me feel very well supported. It is the CWX Xtra support bra. I will search it on google and find the best deal. Zappos is usually who carries it the least expensive. Also if it isn’t the right size there exchange policy is awesome and won’t cost you anymore. The bra costs around $60 and is way more than worth it. I have gone from a 38DDD to now just ordering 36D and it is still by far the best bra I have ever owned for working out.”

LL Says:  “I have yet to find a good supportive bra for running that is under $50. And I’m cheap. I double my sport bras and was absolutely comfortable running a half marathon that way.”

WB Says:  “I just bought for the 1st time the Genie bra. It was on sale for $6.00 and I love it. It doesn’t have any hooks, wires,etc. it gives a great smooth look under clothes.”

JL Says:  “Ladies I’m a DD. Only Nike Compression does the trick for me. Its about $40 but sometimes you can find them on the clearance rack at Scheels. Really works, I promise!  And they last forever. I get so much less bounce wearing them. But I have to get them off soon after a workout, they really do compress.”

KW Says:  “Women’s Health (magazine) did a great article on the best sports bras. It covers every size and recommends other women’s favorites. I know I love my under armor bra and that made the list. I also love Title Nine for sports bras and I’ve learned to spend more as they last much longer and I feel more comfortable jumping around!”

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