I Want It! #Us Fat Girls

cant haveWhat is up with me and the whole challenge thing???  I’m venting and asking all at the same time.

Today I wanted a cookie and a warm buttery roll and I NEVER eat those! (I don’t eat carbs and usually only nosh on protein and green, meat and green, , lean and green, , and some nuts – routine, pretty straight forward day after today).  But today I was actually tempted, and it’s been awhile since I had feelings desiring carb-loaded food.

There is definitely something mental/emotional for me as soon as a challenge starts that I WANT IT!  If you tell me I ‘can’t’ have something, all of a sudden its on my mind!!!!

No one is forcing me to do this challenge.  I decided to participate of my own excited free will, and it’s for a great cause.  And yet I find myself wrestling over foods I normally don’t even think about.

I didn’t eat the roll or the cookie, but I sure debated it.  I always learn a ton with each challenge.

Anyone else having a reaction yet to the new challenge?  Please join us on Facebook to discuss!

(UsFatGirls are currently participating in the No White Christmas December Challenge – see the “challenges” link for details).