Stories of Inspirational Weight Loss: “Jenn” #UsFatGirls

Below is Jenn, a fellow UsFatGirl, and her weight loss journey in her own words!  She is conquering fat one mile at a time!  So amazing and inspiring!

Jenn Parker

“I first decided to lose weight because heart disease and diabetes run in my family.  I have two kids I need to be around for. I could not continue to gain weight any longer.

Another reason I wanted to lose weight, the more embarrassing reason, is because I could feel a major dun-lop over my pants, where my belly hung over the waist-band.  I was SO upset that I had allowed myself to get so heavy. I didn’t realize how large I truly was until I started to lose weight and looked back at the pictures.

I started losing weight in November of 2008 then hit a plateau and stalled at about 190 lbs in April 2009.  So I started training for my first-ever half-marathon. I had never gone more than a mile in my life but accepted the challenge and crossed the finish line in August 2009 weighing in at 155 pounds. It took less than a year to lose 105 pounds because of the hard work I put into exercise and eating right. It was a LOT of hard work, no short cuts.

When I first started dieting, I cut out mostly fats and this helped me to lose the first 70lbs.  I later found out that eating no more than 10g of fat a day was not a good choice and I began to experience short term memory loss. I spoke to a dietician who told me to continue to consume the amount of calories I was maintaining but add and eat more good fats with it too. Luckily, the short term memory loss went away.

Unfortunately, after my first marathon, life happened and I gained 25 pounds.  I got back on track and started running and eating right again. I ran two half marathons this year and participated in several 5k and 10k races. I am now down to 153 lbs which is the smallest I have been since growing up and reaching that weight at 12 yrs old.

My pictures speak very loudly to me.  It is important to me to show my children what a healthy lifestyle looks like. I want to continue to maintain living as healthy as possible.

Physically, when I weighed 260 lbs I was constantly tired, drained, and always grouchy with the people around me. Work drove me crazy!  I was late quite a bit.  I didn’t have a very good attitude, and other people really started to notice a decline in who I was. Emotionally, at 260 lbs, I was a wreck. I jumped at every opportunity guys gave me attention.  I ruined a relationship with the one good man for the attention of another.  I would eat to make myself feel better.  I used food as some sort of stress relief and they were never healthy choices.

When I started to lose weight, I felt so much happier.  I always went to work with a smile on my face. I no longer complained all the time about my life, my weight, etc. I felt good about myself.

Today, I am a stronger woman emotionally.  I have conquered the emotional eating issue and hope to continue to stay healthy. The guy that “gave me more attention” left me for another woman.  It has been an emotional roller coaster, but I don’t think I could have managed the rejection at 260lbs.

I am getting there.  I am staying positive.  I have taken God into my life whole- heartedly.  I have learned from my mistakes.  I have asked for forgiveness.  I hope to remain pure and healthy for the rest of my life!!


Can you relate to Jenn?  Have you sought the attention of others to feel better about yourself?   Have you used bad food to meet emotional needs?  Do you need help from a professional with food or exercise?  Have you had times of being on track and off track, causing you to lose and gain and lose again?

I love how raw and honest Jenn expresses the struggles that are part of the weight loss journey.  I’m thankful for her!  I’m excited she found a way to get healthy.  Have you found what works for you?

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