Dare To Do The Impossible! #UsFatGirls

base of Devil's TowerMy family and I recently visited Devil’s Tower to do some hiking and site seeing.  (my kids are at the bottom left of this photo)  It’s just a few hours from where we live and a National Monument we had never seen.

It was a hot day, but the sites were stunning and fantastic.  And the prairie dogs are adorable!
As we were hiking around the base of this odd structure that appears to jut unnaturally out of the ground, we noticed shiny things way up high on the Tower.  What are those tiny shiny things?


(can you see them in the below photo?  I was zoomed in as far as I could go, and they are still so tiny compared to the Monument!)

ClimbersThe shiny things we were seeing were their silver and white helmets catching the reflection of the sun.

Devil’s Tower is huge, but I didn’t realize how huge until I saw people up there on it, and they were smaller than tiny ants, compared to the vastness of what they were climbing.  I watched in amazement and awe.  I thought, “I want to climb”!  “I want to do the impossible!”.

I hike often.  But, as we planned to visit this giant structure, it never crossed my mind to go climb it that day.  As I watched them do the seemingly impossible, I distinctly remember thinking, “They are living a totally different life than me!”.

Climber registrationReally!  What training, what finances, what preparation, what planning gets you to the point to scale the side of such an amazing structure?  There are rules for climbing it, registrations, fees, and equipment.  You don’t just show up and think it would be fun and start climbing, it’s a planned event.  I’m in a world of gym workouts, serving as a taxi mom, and afternoons of assisting homework.  These people are out there doing it.

Are my dreams too small?  There are things out there I hadn’t even considered.  And people are DOING them!  What is stopping me?

There was a guy once who got to the top by accident and was stranded there for several days.  He was a parachuter that landed at the top.  He had to be rescued.  He landed at the top with no way down.  It wasn’t high enough to use his chute again, but it was way too high for him (or anyone) to climb down without expert training and equipment.

We continued to hike, geocache, and explore around the base, but my mind was still on the climbers.  Why would they want to climb this giant mountain and conquer it?  Why do I want to now too?  They won’t be on any magazine cover by finishing this insurmountable task.  No one will know their names.  No one, except the hand full of us exploring on this day, will even know what they accomplished, but they still climbed.

As we headed to our cars at the end of the day, I saw them on the path.  Three normal-looking folks wearing helmets and holding ropes over their shoulders. I could hear them speaking in what sounded like an accent from Austria or an Eastern European country.  Are they traveling the world climbing and conquering the impossible?  Who does that?  How does someone do that?

Seeing the climbers doing their thing expanded my world view and encouraged me to dream bigger dreams. 

How big do you dream?  Are you so focused on the stress of ‘now’, you miss all that is possible?  There are people out there conquering and living, why not let it be you?  Are you conquering the impossible?