Get Support! Go Workout! #UsFatGirls

do what you don't likeIn my life I work with 3 communities:

  • Fitness/Workout/Weight Loss Community
  • Addicts and their Families
  • Those in Crisis (I do crisis referrals)

The common threads in each of these situations are  “struggles” and “overcoming”.

I deeply love these people groups and spending time with each of them.  As they ask for my input I find some commonalities.  I hear myself repeating these same words over and over again in each community:

Get Support!  Go Workout!

When I work with addicts and their families, they feel hopeless and that they are totally alone in their struggle.  The circumstances and behaviors have isolated them.  They need to be around others that have come out of the same struggle to know they can make it.  It is nearly impossible to overcome addiction alone, but it’s hugely embarrassing to come out of hiding when secrets have been common place.  But that’s where they have to start, by finding others to walk out the journey with.  Addicts and their families need others.  They need support.  Addicts:  Please Find Others!  Get Support!

Addicts typically have been trashing themselves and their bodies too.  Starting to move again gives them an outlet for the emotional turmoil, helps curb cravings, helps get them healthy and strong again, and shows them they CAN do something and do it well.  Many treatment centers also include a required work-out regimen to be utilized for those in their facilities.  Go Workout, it helps! Addicts:  Go Workout!

When an individual or family reaches out to me in crisis, the most common question I ask is, “who are your 3:00 am friends”?  You know, those people that would actually answer your call even if you called them in the middle of the night.  Most of those in crisis no longer have 3:00 am friends.  When the crisis began they started to withdrawal from those around them.  As they withdrew further, the crisis only amplified and intensified.  Isolated.  Alone. Going it alone only made things worse, not better.  But as with anyone, the last thing we want to do is “bother” those we care about with our problems.  Most of their closest friends typically have no idea what is really going on.  Most of the time their friends truly care and wanted to help but had no idea things were so severe.  Facing crisis alone only emphasizes the crisis.  Those in crisis need others.  In Crisis: Let others know! Get Support!

An individual in crisis typically struggles with adequate sleep cycles, often having too much or too little sleep.  They may have anxiety or depression.  Managing the crisis causes them emotionally to eat too much or too little.  Things are out of whack.  They are often in-process of taking new meds or have not been taking meds.  All of these major physical responses in the crisis can be helped with exercise.   Just starting to move and function again helps relieve many of the severe emotions in their circumstances.  And it is totally ok to get angry, laugh, or cry while working out!  In Crisis?  Go Workout! (which is often the last thing they want to do).

Likewise, when I meet with folks in the fitness community that are struggling I ask them to stop trying to reach their goals alone and go workout!  If their goal is to lose weight, or build muscle, or run a marathon, they need to seek the input of someone who has been where they are and accomplished the goals they hope to accomplish.  Many of them just start going to the gym without a clear plan based on what they hope to accomplish.  Meeting with others can really make gym time more effective.  If you want to succeed, find someone that has been successful.  Struggling to Lose Weight or Reach Fitness Goals? Find people!  Get Support!

There are many folks at the gym that spend hours talking, or sitting on a machine, or wandering aimlessly without actually progressing.  I have heard multiple times, “I’ve been going to the same gym for 6 months and haven’t lost any weight.”  My response is always, “tell me about your eating and your workout.”  You gotta workout, but knowing how and what to do are essential. Workout to reach your goals! Struggling to Lose Weight or reach Fitness Goals? Go Workout!

feeling_betterWhatever your struggles, whatever you hope to overcome, if you want to succeed, if you have a goal to reach —-> Get the support of others!  Find people that can show you the way to success.  And – GO WORKOUT!   When you see how strong you are and all that you can accomplish, everything else feels as though it can be conquered too.

Are you trying to reach impossible goals alone?  Are you isolating yourself?  Are your struggles secret?  What happens if you let a safe person into that secret?  How is “going it alone” working for you?  Had progress stalled?  How do you feel physically and emotionally?  Are you sleeping too much or not enough?  Have you lost the ability to dream big and reach goals?  Are you embarrassed, is that why you won’t let anyone else in to help you?

Get Support! Let people in to help you!

Go Workout!