Ouch! That Hurts When I Work Out! #UsFatGirls

A Girl With a Back Ache luisa dillner's medical dilemmeI think I finally figured out a resolution to my self-inflicted sit ups bruises!  What a relief!

I have been fighting a tail bone bruise forever.  I actually have been hurting myself every time I do sit ups.  It is so common that some workout sites have named it.  They call it the ‘butt blister’ or ‘tailbone tramp stamp’. Do any of you struggle with giving yourself the tail bone bruise doing ab work? It is not fun!

I’ve tried placing different mats underneath my bum, double matting, different towels, different clothes in case they were rubbing wrong, different surfaces, etc. – only to end up with this butterfly looking bruise every time I do sit ups.

As if any of us needs another reason to talk ourselves out of doing ab work, me included.

But after doing a Butts and Guts class yesterday, I have NO bruise! Problem solved!!!

After reading through options on the Fit Chicks site, I tried Moleskin   It worked.  Thanks, Fit Chicks.  By the end of class the mole skin had moved to my right cheek – ha!   Might need to secure it a bit better next time.  🙂  Moleskin are these little pads with adhesive on them – kind of like a padded band aid.

So, now that I have solved hurting myself while doing sit ups, I’m ready to crunch, scissor, single single double, up up down down, plank ups, all day!  Yes!  This has been a two year process of doing ab work, hurting myself, waiting for it tsit upso heal, doing ab work, hurting myself, waiting for it to heal repeating process over and over again.  What a relief to find a resolution!

What’s keeping you from working out? Is it something that can be resolved? Sometimes working out IS painful, but doesn’t have to be.  It’s hard to stay motivated when something might hurt.  I totally understand!

How can we help motivate you? Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!