313 in 2013 Challenge #UsFatGirls


Join us starting January 1, 2013!  Mayans be Damned!

This is a YEAR LONG challenge.

The goal is to workout 313 times in 2013. That’s 365 days minus one day off per week.

The workout does NOT have to be a formal 1 hour workout at a gym. It can be sit ups one day, and a 4 minute Tabata the next, squats, jumping jacks, etc.

Youtube has thousands of workouts. There are also workout tv channels via your computer (bodyrock.tv for example).
No need to buy a new set of DVDs or gym membership! Explore, try something new every day as part of taking the challenge.

The goal is to commit to a year of working out every day (one day off each week).  But if committing to an entire year is too overwhelming, feel free to break it down into a one month challenge (choose which month and let us know), or a one week challenge.

Move, Move, Move, Move a little every single day!

Will you take the challenge?  You can join the challenge here:  313 in 2013 Challenge