Cross the Finish Line! #UsFatGirls

Never Give UpIn the last 2 days my family has been on the road traveling for 12 hours.  Within the first hour we started the “Alphabet Game”.  It’s a game we play frequently on long road trips.  Each player starts at the letter “A”, must find a word on a sign outside of our car that starts with each letter of the alphabet in order.   The game lasts quite awhile when traveling especially as towns turn into empty country side with no signs, bathroom breaks linger, meal stops distract, etc.  The game more often “fades” to a stop rather than ends – except for my son.  He ALWAYS finishes what he starts.  At about hour 11 he yelled the word “Zachary” from a real estate bill board.  He won, not because he’s the best.  He won because he pursued to the end when all of the rest of us quit.

We quit.  He pursued.  He won.

Well, we didn’t exactly quit.  It’s not like the rest of us road tripping decided at some point during rest stops and hours of movies and music to announce, “I’m done, I’m giving up, I concede”! Quitting is rarely that formal.  We just faded.  The goal became too long, not important enough to pursue, or to even remember we were still playing.  But it matters to my son.  He LOVES to win.  And he’s figured out one way to win is to continue when everyone else fades out of the game.  When he starts something, he finishes strong, and often wins because he’s the only one crossing the finish line.

Do you have a goal to pursue, a resolution you are determined to finish this time?  Are you like the rest of us in the car and just fad out, get distracted from the goal, put it at the back of your mind so it no longer is a focus to pursue?  Or are you like my son?  Are you passionate about finishing and winning?  Do you keep the goal at the forefront of your activities to ensure it doesn’t get lost in other activities?

Perseverance rather than talent often determines the outcome.

Passion, intensity, grit, conquering, finishing, staying power – do these describe you and your journey?

Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!”   ~1 Corinthians 9:24 (NLT Bible)