Moment of Victory! #UsFatGirls

I will not be mastered, or conquered, or led astray by moving, traveling, holiday celebrations, by family gatherings, or relationships (whether healthy or toxic).

I decided to stay on trackbarrier BEFORE the chaos began.

As of this morning, I haven’t gained ONE pound! I’m soooo relieved and excited!

I still have the unpredictability of New Years celebrating to persevere through and then my new healthy living pattern in a new hometown begins.  I plan to seek out and locate a local Zumba community in our new city or facilitate the creation of one! I WILL locate a positive workout community in this town ASAP!

I’m thankful today that I am not wallowing in the self-loathing I’ve experienced following the holidays in years past.  Life chaos will no longer make me or cause me to treat myself bad with food.

I’m reflecting on how much my insides (thinking and emotions) have changed!!!

Are you feeling victorious or self-loathing?  I’ve been there!  Hang in there!  Baby steps!  Each day is a new day, thank goodness!

You can do it! We’re fighting this journey with you!  You ARE beautiful!