It’s Never Too Late! #UsFatGirls

positive changeThe best thing about this healthy living/weight loss journey happened again today:

Giving hope to those who feel hopeless!

I met someone who weighs more than 450 pounds while printing my resume (my printer is packed in a box somewhere during our move).  While seeing my Zumba photos (on the front page of my res) they asked about Zumba and weight loss and confessed they were just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and as well as with sleep apnea.  They are an extremely talented musician and had to sell their instrument to pay for sleep disorder equipment. Heart breaking. Defeating.

I prayed silently as we chatted. I’m so thankful they felt safe to bear their burden and discouragement.

I’m hoping their “aha” moment is here. You know – that moment that hits so deep that motivation shows up and nothing will stop you from achieving success! It’s like a light switch.

No one can give motivation to someone else – it has to be caught from the inside. But I wish I could pour it on someone else!!!  I wish I could throw it and they could catch it and have all they need to reach every dream and every goal!  Motivation doesn’t work that way, darn it!

I gave this beautiful human my contact info for if and when they are ready. I’d love to be the one to help and provide encouragement and the will to fight again!  I know how it feels, the down and out, the discouragement, the exhaustion each activity takes while being overweight!

No one is hopeless! No one is too far gone! Each of us have many good days ahead, just begin today! Please don’t give up! Hope for the best! You ARE able, AND you don’t have to do it alone! There is always faith & prayer, there is the UsFatGirls community, there are food plans, and exercise plans, and supplements, and doctors, and nutritionists – all ready to be on your team fighting with you! Just get up, reach out, hope – and see what might happen.

How are you doing? Discouraged? Hopeful? Where do you fall today?
That’s what this group is for – to celebrate the victories and to encourage the struggles! You are not alone! You are beautiful! Let’s do it together!!! ♥

Today is a fantastic beginning!