Get Up And Live! #UsFatGirls

Conquer the WorldI still think I can conquer the world. I didn’t know I felt that way, until this week.

We moved 22 hours to a new location over the Christmas Holidays. I have begun the hunt for a new job in our new town. After visiting every workout facility in town I’m realizing how different I view myself, life, and the world.

That was so not me in 2008, when I started this journey. I felt washed up, exhausted, spent, tired, tired, tired, and grumpy too. The weight I was carrying was an outward result of the giving up I was feeling on the inside.

Meeting with people in each of these facilities I was reminded that I still want to climb mountains, run marathons, accomplish the impossible – I have so much LIVING to do.

Aging, Can’t, nor Stress determine my future any more.

When did the heart transformation happen?
If I tried to mark the moment of change, it’s when I captured hope in my heart, maybe? But I began moving and sweating before the hope happened. When I started to workout I was way overweight and thought I was lost and impossible to hope again.  I didn’t believe yet. I was moving but still felt hopeless it would make a difference. I started because in my head I knew that was the only way for change, but my heart still didn’t believe anything would actually really change.  I moved anyway. Somewhere inside all that sweating, hope arrived, change started to happen – inside AND out!  I started sweating and my heart followed.

It is interesting visiting new gyms and seeing each of their unique approaches to exercise. Some approach movement from a point of sickness or injury for rehab. Some come from a “be cool like me, sexy” approach. Some are “get them in the door we need money approach”. My approach is clearly and most definitely all about hope for the hopeless, and life change – which happens from the heart on the inside first.

When I lead classes, I forget that I’m changing on the inside too. I’m not making a sexy body for myself (although it is pretty hot now, lol), I’m not fighting illness (although I haven’t been sick in forever as a result of living healthy), I’m not out to make money (definitely NOT a money making venture, darn it – lol) – but I’m changing my life and the life of others, forever! I’m good with that.

Want to go climb a mountain with me?

Has living healthy changed your world view too? I’d like to hear about it!