Transition & Change Is Not Allowed to Reverse Progress! #UsFatGirls

stand aloneAs many of you know we are in transition, having just moved 22 hours across the country after job-loss.  I am learning some new things about myself this week in the midst of the chaos.

We have been slammed-busy applying for jobs and doing daily interviews, getting school supplies, kids registered in a new school, settling into a new town – it’s been crazy. I didn’t know how much my insides had changed about healthy living until this crazy “unknown” time hit.  These are the most noteworthy inside changes:

  • In the craziness and if there is limited time computer time loses and workout still wins! (I use to blow off the work out and settle into the couch, computer, a book, or TV – not any more!) (sorry I haven’t been posting as often as a result).
  • In the craziness, I will still fight to be healthy,even if it means I lose sleep.
  • In the craziness, and if there is no one else supporting or fighting with me, I will still do the hard work – even if I do it alone. I wasn’t sure before now if I could do it alone. And I don’t like it alone, but I will still fight if I have to – even if I have to do it solo.  (prior to living in this town I had a huge community of workout buddies next to me daily).

I didn’t wish for this transition, but am fighting through. I will not go back to hurting me rather than taking good care of me. And I’m thankful to see the heart changes I wasn’t aware of.

How about you?
Are you at the stage of needing others (I still do too, but will fight alone if I have to if I don’t have them around me).
Are you at the rock star, “I got this” stage? (depends on the day, hormones, and emotions for me – ha)
Are you at the, “some body pull me out of my hole” stage? and need someone to lift you up? (I’ve been there too – that’s why we are here in this community doing it together).

This is the song that has been ringing in my ears when I want to go to bed rather than run, or want to go eat bad when emotions and stress hit.  “Do It Anyway” by Martina McBride.

(I don’t own anything with this song or video – all permissions go to the writers, producers, companies involved, go download it on itunes, yadda yadda).

Thanks for listening!
You are beautiful! Thanks for being a life-line for me and so many others!

Go for it!  Even if no one else will go with you!  (message to myself right now too  🙂  ).