Lap Band or Gastric Bypass? #UsFatGirls

lap bandI am asked often, “Jen, do you support and believe in Lap Band or Gastric Bypass, or are you against it?  You talk so much about food and exercise and emotions I can’t tell where you stand.”

I’m thrilled by this question.  I’m thrilled my heart for healthy living is heard:  care for your body, care about what you eat, examine and care about emotions!

With regard to surgical procedures to weight loss:  I don’t care either way, any more than I care about you choosing Weight Watchers, or Beach Body, or 30 Day Shred, or Green Tea Extract, or Advocare, or It Works Wraps, Jenny Craig, or Take Shape For Life, etc.  My only request is for you to take good care of you.

From my own history as well as working with others, if you miss one of the 3 ways to care for yourself, no route will last.

These 3 areas MUST be cared for for success:

Physical:  Activity (or surgery) – but then activity following surgery.

Food:  How and what you are eating

Emotions/Thoughts/Heart/Spirit/Feelings:  Not addressing these means yo-yo-ing or not being able to overcome plateaus.

So if you go the route of surgery but continue to binge eat due to emotions – healthy living and pant size won’t last.

If you workout every day but eat bad food – healthy living and pant size won’t last.

If you eat good but never exercise and then crisis or stress hits – healthy living and pant size won’t last.

Lasting change must address all three.  

Have you hit a plateau you can’t overcome? What are you eating?  How is life and how are you feeling about it?  Are you moving?

No supplements, plan, or surgery can create long-term significant change in and of itself – just ask anyone who has gone through the procedure. (If they are willing to tell you about it!  There is major negative stigma and huge shame and hiding with those that have had this procedure, which is very sad in my opinion, and only adds to the emotions that must be addressed and overcome following surgery).

True, healthy life-change encompasses Physical Activity,  Food, AND Emotions like a 3 legged stool.  Remove one of the legs and you’re left unstable.  This is true whether you do or do not ever have surgery.

Desperation never produces lasting results. 

Results come from a steady, calm, one-day-at-a-time resolve for a better life!

Am I for or against it?  I’m neither.  I’m for what works for the long term.

I am for you taking good care of you.  Period!