Fuel or Junk? Our Bodies Are an Awesome Machine! #UsFatGirls

carOur bodies are an amazing machine, like a car – with lots of  detailed parts created with the purpose of moving us from here to there.  Our bodies are the most state-of-the-art custom machine.

Every car has two compartments to hold things:

1)  The gas tank that holds fuel.

2)  The sitting compartment that holds people and things.

We can cram the sitting area full of stuff to take with us wherever we go.  There are parts of the car even designed to carry all of this stuff:  chair pockets, trunk, glove compartment, cup holders, under seat storage compartments, etc.

Our bodies, like our cars, can be loaded up in both storage compartments.

1)  Everything we put into the fuel tank (gas) is burned and used.

2)  Everything we fill into the sitting area has to be unpacked.

We can continue to pack stuff over and over again but eventually it will be crammed full of junk.  At some point we have to clean out the car.  Our bodies are the same way.

Real food is fuel that our bodies use.  Non-food is junk we are stuffing and storing that eventually has to be unpacked.

Real Food is food that grows in water, on a plant, in dirt/land, or has a mom.  Real fuel is the gas our bodies depend on to function and get us from here to there. This food fuels our machine. Without real food our machines will eventually stop working properly.

Non-food is food made in a factory with ingredients we cannot pronounce.  These storage-fillers fill up our machine, but do not make it run.  Non-food becomes storage in our pockets that at some point have to be unpacked.

Where are these foods grown?:

Fish  (in water, has a mom) = Fuel

Green Bean, radish, carrot, cucumber (plant) = Fuel

Strawberry (on a plant) = Fuel

Egg (has a mom) = Fuel

A Cheeto (factory) = stored until unpacked

An Oreo (factory) = stored until unpacked

Gushers (factory) = stored until unpacked

Our bodies know what to do with real food.  Our bodies do not know what to do with non-food food and thus finds places to store those calories until it knows what to do with them and how to unpack them.  Non-food food IS NOT fuel.

I have many fitness class attendees who are on lots of meds and cannot get well.  I always ask these individuals about food.  Typically, they are eating non-food and wondering why their machine isn’t functioning right.  Their machine hasn’t had real food (FUEL) in a long time.

It’s not a matter of, “Oh you should eat better, like a carrot.”  There are things in real food our bodies absolutely need.

If you continue to fill the storage compartments of your car with junk but never buy gas, your car will stop functioning.  Your body is the same way.    We have culturally become accustomed to eating non-food to fill our bellies with something cheap and false-flavored, but our engines (bodies) finally run out of gas and come to a crashing halt.

As you look through your fridge and pantry, where did your food grow up?  Are you mostly eating food made in a factory?  Can you pronounce the ingredients in what you ate for a snack?  Are you on meds chronically?  Is your machine shutting down?  Is it functioning improperly?  Have you been putting fuel in your tank?

Food and cravings are not our enemy.   All those non-food chemicals can really mess us up!  Food is good.  Food is fuel our bodies need to run.  We must eat!

Today is a new day.  Baby steps.  One day at a time.  One good food decision at a time.

Please take good care of your beautiful machine, it’s the only one of it’s kind and it’s PRICELESS!

body is a machine