Size 4 and Shrinking!!! #UsFatGirls

New SkirtI’m freaking out here!!!

I tried on a size 4 today and it fit!!!!

My body is still changing even though the scale shows no change!!!

Ladies, I’m the girl who shopped in the plus-sized stores!!! This is possible?   This IS possible!!!!

I kept looking at the sizes on the tags over and over because I was convinced they were mis-marked!! I was convinced the store developed some scheme to sell more clothes by sizing everything wrong in order to flatter women to buy more things!  Ha!  I was unable to believe it was true. And I’m still a little skeptical!!! Lol!  (The photo to the right of me IN the skirt with my skeptical face because I’m still not sure it’s for real – ha!)

Before I lost the weight I was stuffing, cramming, and contorting myself into 16/18s because I refused to go up any more sizes, even though I needed larger. Elastic waist-bands were my friend (not really, they unfortunately always gave way to new poundage).

Whew! Wow! Thanks for celebrating with me!!!
Who’s next?  YOU ARE!  You CAN do it too!

(The below photo is the proof of size!)

Size four