Stop Screaming at Me, Bad Food! #UsFatGirls

check out lineI took this picture at Wal-mart today. It is one of the biggest check-out junk food displays I have seen! Ug! It actually makes me sad.

They do this, because it works.  People buy it.  They make money.   Temptation.  Food Porn.  Dangled in front of people to cause them to buy.

Guard your heart!  Food Porn is EVERYWHERE!  Are you being lured and manipulated?

This particular store didn’t even bother to display magazines at check out.  Apparently trashy magazines do not sell here as much as junk food does.  Wow!

Every person making a purchase must pass this.

Could you imagine if it was lined with fruit and veggies instead?

How many messages are we bombarded with to eat things that harm us?

Be strong!  You CAN resist!  You are worth so much more than what this is offering!