I’m Having Issues While Jogging! Can You Help? #UsFatGirls

I am training for a half marathon currently.  I have done 5K races and 10K races, but this will be my first 1/2.  In the past I’ve always been worried about hurting myself training.  As a group fitness instructor I have to stay physically well to do my job.  If I hurt my body, I’m unable to work.   But it’s time.  I need to finish a marathon.  The goal is in my heart.

With all of this added running I’m experiencing new hurdles to overcome.  Here is a question I asked in the Facebook group about some of those um, er, ‘challenges’ and the awesome responses.


runny nose
“I need some help. What do you runners do with runny noses? Sheesh! I think I’m allergic to something in the air here because my nose runs constantly when I jog. Please tell me there is something clever other than my gloves or sleeve? What do you experts do?

My other question is about underwear. I’m a fitness instructor and in classes I wear dancewear – I’ve danced forever and know how to do under garments in that setting. But while running I’m having serious creeping undies issues. I’ve been wearing three layers of clothes to stay warm and there just isn’t a way to continue to adjust my wedgie while running and it makes me crazy the whole distance. (sorry T.M.I) – please tell me there is a secret or some sort of special undies or something? Superglue? Can you please enlighten me!?!

THANK you from the bottom of my, well um, bottom – tehee! Sorry again, TMI! LOL!”


The following are the responses from the group:

AA:  “Get running spandex, no underwear.”

SM: “Boy shorts did the trick for me.”

SD:  “I don’t run, but I know my undies. I say go commando or wear some un-padded Lycra biking shorts. They’ll give you an extra layer, and if you get a wedgie with those, then the problem is not with your britches.”

PL:  “about the runny nose… you’re going to need to learn how to do a proper snot rocket.”

SM:  “Ew! Please don’t do the snot rocket!! Carry some tissues in your pocket.”

PL:  posted this awesome video called, “The 5 Steps to the Perfect Snot Rocket”


NC:  “I agree w/ PM…if you’re outdoors. There is an exercise induced sinus condition… Harmless, but bothersome. Plus, the colder air will make your nose run. Lots of running bottoms are lined, so you don’t need underwear….good luck!”

KW:  “I’m not a runner but the title to the video totally just cracked me up…LOL…”

WedgieJS:  “Grammy panties! And not 3 layers, you warm up as you run so less is better and less constricting!”

RM: “Cold air will make your nose run ALWAYS!!…..snot rockets is what i do….sorry, I know it’s super ewe-ey, but necessary. When you run, you want to carry as little as possible, so tissues is an added extra; I suppose it’s all preference as for undies.  As a 3-time marathoner (+ running is my life), it’s thongs (they have not caused itching, rubbing, or chafing with me) under running spandex (shorts or leggings). hope you find what works for you!”

KM:  “I have my highly fashionable fanny pack and a bandana is among its contents. If you need frequently you can tie it on. In summer I use the lined running short with loose liner but just got my lululemon tight run shorts. Wore to body pump this afternoon and someone from the back row said it was fun to watch the dots on my shorts change size and shape with my squats and lunges. Oops! I like hanky panky thong undies for a comfy wedgie to start with and no migration.”

LL:  “That is always a problem for me, I reduce any wind induced watery eye runny nose-ness by wearing sunglasses. I use sleeves, gloves, they go right in the wash anyway. I have never mastered the snot rocket & mine is very little at a time, but annoying. I’m not a fan of trying to take tissues along but am considering getting some wristband/sweatbands. Sleeve-wiping my nose is how I hooked my nose ring & subsequently caused my nose to bleed last fall during a run. Oh the joys of running! I have a love/hate relationship with it. For undies I used to run in things, currently have some of those super-silky feeling ones that don’t catch on other fabrics & aren’t supposed to have panty lines but still do under tight exercise pants.”

SP:  “Between the granny panties, and the projectile snot, you are gonna have to beat the man runners off with a stick!”

JB (me):  “I am loving this thread!!!! It’s soooo funny, but soooo needed! Thank you!! Who knew running was so glamorous!  Ha!  I’ll let you know if I master the rocket and overcome the wedgie!!! Awesome!!”

Are you a runner?  How do you solve the nagging issues that come up?  Are you defeated when things bug you while working out?  Or do you fight to overcome?

Do you have a goal?  My next goal is this half-marathon.

Come on, let’s overcome fears and reach goals together!