3:00 AM Friends? #UsFatGirls

trusted friendWho are those people in your life that if you called in the middle of the night, they would actually answer the phone?
Do you have friends like that? Are you this kind of friend for others?

There is a cool story in the bible about a man who couldn’t walk, and his friends carried him to see Jesus. He couldn’t do it on his own – so his friends carried him. (Matthew 9, Mark 2, Luke 5).

I find often that those struggling the most have become emotionally isolated. Do you see that too?

We are, many times, around other people without letting them in.  We refuse to be real or authentic for fear of “if they REALLY knew how I felt, they would run away.”

Sometimes we need to carry others. Sometimes we can’t do it and need to be carried.

Isolating rarely helps but rather amplifies discouragement.

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Ya’ll have been my life-line many times! THANK YOU, just for showing up on this page!
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