Checking Off My Bucket List! #UsFatGirls

Sorry I’ve been MIA this weekend, I’ve been busy knocking things off my bucket list.

So You Think You Can Dance

I got to be a part of the On-Camera Audience of the show So You Think You Can Dance!

I have 2 favorite shows of all time:  SYTYCD and The Biggest Loser.

To get to be live and in-person for the show was a dream come true.  And even better, I got to share it with a friend that I’ve known for more than 20 years!  What a special weekend.

I’m not done dreaming.  In fact, I think I need to add more things to my bucket list!  I keep getting to see dreams and goals fulfilled.  What’s next?

How big are your dreams?  Are you still dreaming?  Hoping?  Wishing?

Have you given up?

It’s ok, sweetie!  Get up!  Today is the day to start again!  There is so much life out there to live!  You CAN!