Fad or Forever? #UsFatGirls

help scaleI just heard a radio commercial for a local doctor:

“Hi, this is ________, you know me from the Biggest Loser on TV. After the show I got hurt and gained back all of the weight. I just had bypass surgery and am down 60 pounds already. Go see doctor so and so. . .”

It broke my heart. She lost all of the weight before with a once-in-a-life-time opportunity, then gained it all back!

Why didn’t it last? Have you ever been there?

There was one thing missing while losing the weight = lifechange!!

If we merely change the things on the outside without a heart change, lasting change will elude us.

Are you on another crash diet? Or are you ready to get real and change your life?

How far behind the weight are you willing to examine?

No food plan, exercise plan, tv show, or surgery can fix a broken heart.

Woundedness and hurts cause us to treat ourselves bad.  Healthy living results from healed hurts and new skills to cope. 
Only addressing the symptoms does not heal the cause of a damaged self- identity.

Sorry to get my girl head bob and Z snaps whirring! I heard the commercial and it hurt my heart for her to be at that place to need help again.   I’m a recovering yo-yo-er, so it hit close to home for me!!!