I’m Running My First Half-Marathon! Eek! #UsFatGirls

dream itI am running my first half marathon!!! I’m excited and nervous too!!

I workout and run already a ton, but I have never done a half or full marathon.  They are on my bucket list. I have more dreams in my heart too!

What is sooo special to me about this race in particular is that it’s a dream come true, not by my own doing.  As many of y’all know, my hubby became unemployed recently and we have been uprooted and relocated.  In the chaos of our transition, my hubby and dear friends poured out there love on me, supported me, and believed in me! They paid my way so I can fulfill a dream.

Let me explain, I don’t share very many of my heart wishes with others. I’ve been burned before and I struggle with nay-sayers with all of the whacky things I do. There are dreams in my heart that might be silly to others but they are important to me.  Running marathons is one of those dreams.

In the past I was too out of shape and over weight to run. Then I was in shape but teaching, so I became scared to over train and injure myself and not be able to work.

It seemed “now” was the right time – except for the circumstances we’ve been thrown into.

Until . . . I found out last night that some of my “3:00 am friends”paid and paved the way for me to get to run, reach another goal, and fulfill a dream I couldn’t otherwise do. (see previous post on this subject if you have no idea what 3am friends means)

It’s hard when nay-sayers crush a dream.  But it’s soooo heart-filling and overwhelming when others believe and support those dreams! I feel like the most blessed person alive today. Not just for the gift, but for friends willing to dream with me!!

Thank you! Love you, friends – you know who you are!!! ♥ ♥

Wanna run with me? Do you have big scary amazingly possible or impossible dreams too?

Eek!!! I’m so freaked out and excited all at the same time!