No More Movie Snacks! #UsFatGirls

snacking while watching TVDid you know it IS possible to watch a movie and not eat snacks?  What??? Sacrilege!!!

I know it’s not the “in” thing!

We have been trained and conditioned well!

Do you actually feel strange without a movie snack?

Do you ever watch a movie for the snack?

What other activities are allowed to decide you need food (other than hunger and your body needing refueled)?

Are you eating out of habit, ritual, emotional cravings, or need?  Want to re-examine?  No more mindless eating!  (Reminding myself too!)

I know, you hate me right now!  Ha!

But for real, sitting still doing nothing and then eating non-stop for two hours can defeat progress.  Eating during a movie is another concept created by people to make money from you, and it’s working over and over again.  Do not get sucked into eating food because someone else wants you to or purely out of habit!  Make a new habit.

Try it!  See how you feel.  Go see or rent that movie you’ve been wanting to see.  Can you make it through one movie without snacks?

Keep fighting, sister! You can conquer fat!