I’m So Proud of You! Are You? #UsFatGirls

proud of myselfIt’s ok to be proud of yourself.

It’s ok to look in the mirror and think, “that girl is really beautiful.” (inside and out)

We’ve been trained that feeling proud is the same as being prideful – NOT TRUE!!!

We’ve been trained that to feel beautiful is gloating or vain – NOT TRUE!!!

To feel proud and not gloat is healthy thinking, and makes a woman feel strong and able.

To feel beautiful, but not be vain or base our identity purely skin deep, is healthy.

Don’t be afraid to feel proud and celebrate. (and please let us celebrate with you!)

Don’t be afraid to gasp at how beautiful God has made you.  Women ARE beautiful! ♥

Confidence and Arrogance are two very different things!

Go for it!  Don’t hold back!

Is this thinking so foreign to you?  Do you mostly live in regret and self-loathing?  Open your heart!  It’s ok to hope!  Baby steps, one foot in front of the other.  Make yourself proud.  Fight!  Move!