But it’s HARD!!! (In your best whiny voice) #UsFatGirls

Dont be upsetBut it’s HARD!!!  (In your best whiny voice)

I hear this sometimes from my kids, do ya’ll hear it too?
We’re working through hours of homework and they are more than emotionally done!
They are trying to learn a new concept or meet a project deadline and then the whiny voice hits, “But it’s HARD“!

This is what we do when things get hard:
1) Assess the situation!

Take a moment to evaluate what is really going on.  We ask:  Are you hurt?  Do you need help?  Are you stressed?  Overwhelmed?  Tired?  Need food to refuel? Most of the time a small snack, quick break, and they are able to get back on track.  Nothing was wrong – it was just HARD!

2) Get some help or support!

It’s typically not a matter of if they can do the work, but rather how hard it is to stay focused and motivated alone.  If I sit near them, or compliment their work, they seem to be able to push through.

3)  Change the environment!

Often, if they get up, move around, go outside to work, or even move to a new chair it refreshes them enough to be able to take a new approach and a new perspective on the hard work they are tackling.  They just needed a change of scenery to keep going.

What about you?  Do you want to quit simply because it gets “hard” (whiny voice – ha).

I do steps 1-3 over and over again when I’m running, or working out and want to quit.  I find I want to quit, not because I’m hurt, not because I can’t – but rather because it’s hard (you know how to say it).

I do the same things I do with my kids when they have a project too big to complete.

As I run and want to quit because it gets hard I:
1) Assess the situation!

As I keep running, I do a once over – legs are ok, hips ok, feet ok, breathing ok – it’s just hard – then keep going!  I have to tell my brain to keep going!!!  Did I get enough water?  Do I need a few calories – do it and keep running!

 2) Get some help or support!

I have people cheering for me, and that means the word to me when I want to quit when it gets difficult. Ya’ll (fellow UsFatGirls) are on my mind as my cheering squad whether you know it or not!  I also run with an app that gives me updates during my run (speed, distance, elevation, pace, etc).  I wait in anticipation of that electronic lady’s voice to pop into my run.  It REALLY is a boost!

3)  Change the environment!

Sometimes I need new scenery.  A new class, a new running path, a new workout outfit.  Just slight changes provides a new boost of energy and motivation.

What do you do when things get hard?  Do you quit?
As you stop doing things this week, can you ask yourself “why” you might be quitting?
How often is it purely, “It’s HARD” (whiny)

I totally get it!  It IS hard!  But so worth fighting for!
I battle that whiny voice too!
Let’s do it together!  Woot!